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みらいロゴ フリコンロゴ 

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Corporate Profile-English-

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Chief Executive Officer and Partner
Chartered Member of SAAJ
(The Securities Analysts Association of Japan)

At GMD corporate finance (KPMG FAS), experienced in M&A advisory of buy side and sell side, especially in corporate valuation and Due Diligence management. 
At investment business of JAFCO (Nomura Securities Group), experienced in Management Buy Out (MBO). Also engaged in finding opportunities of business acquisition or business divest by cooperating with investment banks or self-funding M&A firms. 


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After that, joined IBM Business Consulting Service (IBCS). Had a lot of achievement of M&A domain such as building business portfolio strategy for chemical companies, establishing venture business (support of procuring fund from venture capitals), and supporting from building strategy to execution to get South American markets for famous auto parts manufacturer.

And also Experienced in securitization of real estate and bond, investment of bond, and business management at alternative investment (bond, stock, real estate) management company. Also experienced in support of assessment of real estate, corporate regeneration investment, and acquisition negotiations. 

Established IGNITE PARTNER from May in 2013 as a CEO Founder.

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Representative Ryu Nishizawa


154-0054 25th  THE TOKYO TOWERS MID TOWER 6-3-2 Chuo-ku Tokyo
TEL +81-03-6767-1971
Founded June in 2013
Main Bank

Mizuho Bank